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RAE-706 CZ Scorpion Speedloader Magazine Loader, Easy Clip Assist


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RAE-706 CZ Scorpion 5 Round Magazine Loader (black) FREE SHIPPING

Designed specifically for the CZ Scorpion 9mm.Load 5 x 9mm rounds at one time easily and effortlessly.Unload magazines easily with this tool as well.

Simple loading tool designed specifically for the CZ USA Scorpion EVO!

  • Magazine loading tool. MAGAZINE NOT INCLUDED. 
  • Save Your Thumbs. Easily and quickly load 5 rounds at a time in 10, 20, and 30 round magazines Load Faster, Shoot More. Focus on shooting rather than loading mags at the range.
  • No complex moving parts to malfunction, to pinch the hand, damage magazine follower, or plating on bullets. NOTE: The 30 round magazine has extremely stuff springs, load 2 rounds at a time when at near full capacity of the magazine.

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