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Below are Testimonials from clients just like you! If you have a testimonial you'd like to share please use the form here.
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From: Ronald B.  on 11/8/16, for the RAE-701 
Title: Be Disabled
From: Jack L.  on 8/16/15, for the RAE-701 
Title: Handicap benefit of your design
From: Janet S. on 7/24/15, for the RAE-701
From: Steven S. on 8/13/15, for the RAE-701
From: Tonya B. on 8/10/15, for the RAE-701
From: Nita L. on 5/16/15, for the RAE-701 (later sent her the RAE-702 for single stack)
From: Larry P. on 5/3/15, for the RAE-701
From: Drglenn on December 19, 2015
From: Mag on March 26, 2016
From:Kim Ellis on June 8, 2015
From: Heather Sosa on April 19, 2016
From: Tonya Bit.... on August 5, 2015

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