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Since 1998 RAE Industries is a world-class resource for product design and manufacturing services.
Like what you see? Contact Us and let's talk about bringing your idea to life. 

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Here is a small slideshow of some of our projects. We'd love to show you more, but most of our projects are classified either because of being military or medical or to simply protect and honor the IP our clients.  

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 From, ShawnRife - Prez. RAE Industries.                           

My name is Shawn Rife and I am Prez. of RAE Industries in Colorado Springs, CO, and Plano, TX USA! I am the team leader of 16 highly diverse and skilled professionals! We are globally competitive in services, of engineering, product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Most of our clients are in the USA, but we also have clients in the UK, France, South America, and Shenzhen, China! How cool is that?

Recognized as the “go-to guy.” For electro-mechanical creations. I have a significant 17+ year cross-industry background in the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical products, systems and assemblies, from ruggedized military grade to medical, industrial, and consumer. 

Even though I do a lot of work hands on myself, I also manage and empower my amazing flex team of engineers, manufacturers, and international trading partners to serve your needs best. We take ownership and pride of our work. I enjoy being hands on and most often build many prototypes myself for my clients.

Rarely is there a project we can't do or have to turn away. We also can create an affordable solution that meets your needs immediately. Our goal is to save time and money for our clients no matter how large or small. I am flexible in creating payment terms and even though I've been a subcontractor for many big name corporations my passion is for innovators, startups, and the guy who didn't have the skills. But had a dream to change his families life with a product he believed in. I can make your idea a reality and you get 100% credit for it. To date, I have created designs for 11 patents that my clients own 100%, not me.

Well, your wait is over. Let us handle your project as little or as much as you'd like. I can guide you along the way, or turn-key the whole project for you at your request.

All projects are held in the highest confidence, as over half of our work comes from military and medical contracts. Your NDA is welcome, we also will give freely our favored NDA at your disposal.

My goal is to be the very best casual, friendly, helpful and resourceful ally you have. I will explain if you don't understand. I love to teach.

I am my team look forward to serving you best. Oh, we do 3D printing too... and have tricks and tips to save you a TON of money on tooling fees.

On a personal note.... I am happily married to my beautiful wife who is a gifted Speech Language Pathologist who works part time treating medically fragile children, stroke and brain injured patience. We have 6 children together ranging from 10 years old to 6 months old. If you use our 3D printing services it's likely my 4 year old who will be retrieving the parts from the printers... That's his favorite!

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