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AR-15 M16 Speedloader Magazine Loader. Loads 10 rounds of 223 5.56 in one push! By RAE Industries PN: RAE-721

RAE Industries

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AR-15 M16 Speedloader Magazine Loader. Loads 10 rounds of 223 5.56 in one push! By RAE Industries PN: RAE-721



  • Load AR magazines in seconds. Designed with a compact size to fit conveniently with your other AR Accessories without sacrificing performance.
  • Accepts 10 loose rounds of .223, 556 ammo. Rounds fit perfectly into slots and will no fall out of the loader if bumped or shaken.
  • Accurately center feeds into the magazine lips to increase the life of polymer magazines.
  • Assistive tool to eliminate hand fatigue pain during magazine loading and enable easy, fast, and full capacity magazine loading.
  • No complex moving parts to malfunction, to pinch the hand, damage magazine follower, or plating on bullets. Makes loading magazines while wearing gloves in cold weather possible.

After countless inquiries we created the RAE-721, a simple compact loading tool to support the AR-15 platform. You wanted a loader that was Innovative, but not bulky or complex yet still loads quickly, effortlessly, and unloads. You asked and we delivered. The RAE-721 is upgraded with a slider system rather than our popular plunger design for even better performance.


Easily load 10 rounds of .223, 556 ammo in one push!

  1. Simply Lock the loader to the top of the magazine, a positive "click" should be felt when properly positioned.
  2. The RAE-721 design bench loads, or is hand held. Pull the slider back and insert into the slots 10 rounds of your favorite .223 or 5.56mm ammunition.
  3. Hold the loader firmly to the magazine body and push the slider linearly to load, repeat the process until the mag is full. THAT'S IT!​

MAX COMPATIBILITY: AR-15 and M-16 223 Remington / 5.56mm NATO magazines to U.S. military specifications. Polymer, steel or aluminum body, and magazines including Hexmag, OrLite, Thermold, MagPul Pmag and Cmag and more.

RAE Industries innovative loaders are designed as assistive tools and are USA made in our own factory. The RAE-721 specifically is processed using our high volume commercial grade 3D printing technologies. The factory holds numerous Additive Manufacturing and Design Awards. Quality loaders work perfectly and easily with proper hold. Use with care, excessive force is not required. Learn proper hold and handling by visiting our website, please view our “how-to” videos.We stand behind our products if you experience any issues at all contact us. We want you 100% satisfied!

Package Includes:

1 - RAE-721 Magazine loading tool.

Eliminate pain and enjoy rang time more. Order today!


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